RANT #2 + Whale Rider Review + RDS-202 Review!

Last Movie I Watched: Back to the Future (1985)

When: This morning

Rating: ★★★★★ BUY (I’m sure you don’t need to hear my review)

Just having watched B2TF, the classic that NEVER fails to astound me, it made me realise what I do with my life and what I SHOULD be doing. I reckon films that you’ve been watching from a young age have a big impact on you, mentally. You relate to them much more then say, a movie you watched yesterday and react to them in a massive way afterwards.

Today, I just thought about the actual prospect of MAKING a movie without ripping off a masterpiece like this. You see, it’s been my life’s work to piece together the movie trilogy of my dreams (quite literally), using elements of time-travel, entire-album-soundtracks and superpowers. Unfortunately, I can’t give you any more information as it’s comPLETELY confidential but — who knows. Maybe it will happen. Maybe not. It’s all about courage and determination. As George McFly echoes at the end of the film, “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.” And there’s truth to that.


★★★☆☆ BUY


WHALE RIDER is certainly an emotional ride of a film and the very thing I’ve been looking for: an indigenous drama with a score that somehow feels ABOVE you, music you can’t quite get hold of, y’know? I like the alternative change of scene too, a step east of the American entertainment I’ve been watching recently …

It stirred me up ever so slightly, but not sufficiently enough to well me up in tears (though I reckon that’s my problem, not theirs).

The ending was feel-good and all, maybe it should’ve left on the dominant chord, if you see what you mean. “Sailing into the sunset”, hair blowing in the salty breeze. But yeah, anyway, it continues (not unlike this review). The characters are charming and threatening in perfect balance (similar to Billy Elliot) and the setting is gorgeous FULL STOP.

Ah yes, and did I mention how show-stopping-ly talented the young Keisha Castle-Hughes is? She steals the screen and captures Paikea’s heart, spirit, strengths, vulnerabilities — the lot! You can’t quite get inside her shoes but it’s an appropriate decision for this circumstance.

I think I like it the most for a reason MY grandmother once told me: “The movies I appreciate the most are the ones that don’t try to impress you.”

Or maybe I just like whale movies (see Free Willy).

KermesZ à l’Est – RDS-202


Translation of band name: Festival of the East.

That’s the best I can make of it.

After seeing all of their phenomenal performances at WOMAD (one of which caused me to literally pass out), KermesZ has surprised me, enlightened me and made me spend $40 on one of their epic T-Shirts. And now (TODAY in fact) they have just released a new album named after a bomb — and I just couldn’t help wondering what their name meant in English. So, after a couple of re-translations, I finally figured it out (sort of). But that’s not the point. The point is that this album NEEDS to be heard by you and each and every member of your family — it’s brilliant!!! Each song caps at about 5 minutes, churning multiple genres together like a Thermomix — impersonating punk/goth/math/rock/folk/metal/electro/jazz and, most importantly, classical Balkan melodies (I don’t know either)! It won’t take up more than 31 minutes of your time either!

*Breathing slows down from intensive levels* JUST. TRY IT. It’s wonderful. And it’s not as if I’m sponsored by them either — they’re just straight out gold!

Website: https://kermeszalest.com/en

New Album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcXw27wSLXI&list=TLGGdx_aNJyuTMMyNDA0MjAyMA

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